4-Step Night Face Care Routine with Castor Oil to Fight Acne

By: | Jul 27, 2017

A young skin is enviable with its bright, smooth and clear surface. Beauty does not come so easily especially when the skin suffered from a lot of conditions we still haven’t found the solution for. As the years pass by, we age, and we learn more about how to properly take care of the skin.

We come grow wiser compared to our younger teenage days. It’s really a regret that we haven’t learned of the wonderful effects of castor oil for skin back then. We could’ve spared our skin from the scars and marks that remind us how acne made our teenage phase awkward and quite unbearable.

Castor Oil Review - 4-Step Night Face Care Routine with Castor Oil to Fight Acne

Why Castor Oil?

A lot of people always ask, why castor oil? Whether it’s the skin, hair, or the body, castor oil just seems to be a good solution for your concerns. Among various essential oils, castor oil is hailed as one of the best ones that have the ability to fight acne and keep the skin young. Here’s why.

  • It packs a lot of therapeutic effects that are potent but still gentle enough to avoid risks of damaging the skin.
  • It has healing powers that soothe inflammation and irritation including redness. Its anti-inflammatory properties are effective in healing acne and pimples.
  • Castor oil also fights acne-causing bacteria to prevent infection and the spread of breakouts.
  • It moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores, making it perfect for oily skin. Lightweight oils keep the skin soft and supple without triggering breakouts.
  • Prevents acne from developing in the future by detoxifying the skin. Using castor oil for cleansing is not only gentle but it is also effective in drawing out impurities from the pores.

Castor Oil Review - 4-Step Night Face Care Routine with Castor Oil to Fight Acne

But acne and other skin conditions do not have a specific target. You can have acne no matter what skin type, gender, or age you have. You might just wake up one day with zits on your chin or forehead. Even when you’ve done everything you can to keep the beauty of your skin, there are just instances that you can’t avoid. Here’s how you can fight and soothe acne. Learn to bring out the benefits of castor oil for healthy skin.

Four easy and simple steps for a clear and bright skin tomorrow!

Ultimate Pampering Face Care for Your Nightly Routines

Here’s an ultimate pampering routine with castor oil that you can do every night before you retire to bed. What’s important here is that you know how to properly use castor oil to draw out its maximum benefits. The steps are easy to carry out and will even give you a rich experience that you will definitely enjoy.

Woman with After-Effects of Castor Oil

1. Opening up the pores.

To open up the pores, prepare a bowl of hot water and towels that are large enough to cover your head and the bowl. Bend your head and put your face above the hot water but not too close to prevent risks of burning or getting into contact with the scalding water. Cover your head with the towel to let the pores open up.

This makes it easier for the oil to draw out the impurities that may clog the pores. Do not expose the face too long or you may get dizzy from the warm air.

2. Massaging oil on the face.

Take a dime sized amount of pure cold pressed organic castor oil and massage it gently all over the face or in problem areas. It is also safe to apply on the skin all over the body. Make sure to focus on parts of the body that are prone to acne.

After the massage, wipe off the excess oil with a wet towel. Smooth over the face to lift off any residues that may clog the pores.

Castor Oil Review - 4-Step Night Face Care Routine with Castor Oil to Fight Acne

3. Helping the pores contract to small, unnoticeable sizes.

After massaging the oil, you need to minimize the pores. Bathing the skin or face in cold water helps the pores contract and give you a smooth and clear appearance. Of course, this is also effective in making sure that dirt and other impurities do not get trapped in the pores once you’re done cleansing.

 4. Moisturizing the skin.

Another thin layer of castor oil moisturizes the skin. The trick is in making sure to dry the skin and applying only slight amounts of oil for moisture.