A Sneak Peak: Debunking Myths About Castor Oil

By: | Aug 4, 2017

Mystery surrounds the world of beauty and fashion. In your journey of mastering this art, you’ll surely pick up some tricks that make it easier and more enjoyable. But along your journey, you’ll also learn that not everything you read and hear is true.

Even castor oil, renowned for its great powers in skin and hair care, is a target of misconception, often believed to promote the growth of hair or lashes and brows. But this is not the case – there are no known essential oils that speed up the growth of hair strands. If you’re using castor oil and looking for this result, then you’ll be disappointed. This is why we’ve listed some of the myths linked to castor oil only to deliver the truth right to your door.

Castor Oil Review - A Sneak Peak Debunking Myths About Castor Oil

Myth #1: Castor Oil Speeds Up Hair Growth

As stated above, there’s no basis to this statement. Castor oil does not promote hair growth or even speed up the process. There’s no scientific basis behind it. What it does, however, is nourish and moisturize your tresses. Applying it helps in making sure that the strands of your hair become stronger and more resilient against damages. What really happens is that when you use castor oil for hair, is that it only provides the vitamins and minerals that your tresses need in order to remain healthy and strong.

Myth #2: Applying Castor Oil Makes the Lashes Grow Longer

One thing’s for sure, it also does not make your lashes grow longer. If you’ve been trying the trending challenge of using castor oil for eyelashes, you’ll know that there are no visible results however long you’ve been applying it. What you can do with it, is to use it as a safer and better alternative to mascaras.

Putting on some mascara causes clumping on the lashes. And this is sometimes a major catalyst of thinning and falling eyelashes. Applying castor oil on the morning gives it a fuller and thicker appearance.

Castor Oil Review - A Sneak Peak Debunking Myths About Castor Oil

Myth #3: Using It Repairs Split Ends or Other Hair Damages

While this oil has a lot of uses and great effects, it’s not really a magical worker. Some people think that there’s a castor oil recipe for hair care that actually solves some of your concerns. But this oil neither turns back time nor repairs damages.

If you’ve heard of people telling you to use castor oil for split ends, this is because it works well in taming frizzy hair and addressing the root of the problem. It does not really solve the issue but it provides a temporary solution. It coats the strands in a protective layer that makes the split ends stick to the main shaft. This is why using castor oil gives your tresses a smoother and silkier appearance.

Castor Oil Review - A Sneak Peak Debunking Myths About Castor Oil

Myth #4: Darker Oils Are More Effective

Some users actually think that the darker your castor oil, the more effective it is. We’ve always known that color does not correlate to the potency or the ability of an oil but rather, a natural occurrence. All types of castor oil work for different purposes but their colors do not affect their potency. What makes the colors become darker or lighter is the length of time or how well the castor beans are roasted.

Myth #5: It Enhances Hair Color

If you think it will make your hair look jet black or really, vibrant then it’s going to be a huge letdown. It does not, in any way, change your hair color or enhance it. But it gives it a healthy shine when you use it for moisturizing. This may change how your tresses look in a short period of time. But remember that among castor oil uses, enhancing hair color is not one of them.