Basics of Clean and Stress-Free Application of Castor Oil

By: | Aug 11, 2017

Who doesn’t know about castor oil nowadays? Its wide range of uses makes it one of the most popular essential oils you can buy on the market. Even beauty bloggers know about this oil and its benefits when it comes to skin and hair health. There are a lot of castor oil online that you can choose from which makes it easier to buy the product.

But sometimes, knowing is just not enough. This talk about the wonders of using castor oil made a lot of people want to try it out for themselves. But some people don’t have good memories of using castor oil as it gets messy. If you’re one of those people, then this simple guide is just for you!

Castor Oil Review - Basics of Clean and Stress-Free Application of Castor Oil

Hassle-Free Application for All Skin Types

Whatever your skin type is, you’re definitely applying some oil on that flesh to keep it soft and supple. Of course, castor oil, as our star, is a usual resident in your shelf. For a clean and efficient application on skin, here are the basics that you need to know about.

1. Make sure to have all the things you need on your side.

Whether it’s a blend of oils or just castor oil, it will get messy. We’ve done this before and the aftermath is not good. This is why it’s best to have everything you need on your side before you do this. Why? Getting up and walking all around the room with oily hands will surely get some of your things dirty. Plus, it’s just a hassle to look for what you need when you’re in the middle of something.

2. Palms are the best applicator.

Unlike other products, the best way to apply castor oil on the skin is to use your palms. This is if you’re using it as an oil. You got to massage it into your skin to help get absorbed better. Use circular motions because it helps stimulate the blood flow which is also important for skin health.

Castor Oil Review - Basics of Clean and Stress-Free Application of Castor Oil

3. Let it dry.

When you apply oil on your skin, you don’t need to rinse it. It is not a soap or a cleanser that will damage the skin once left alone. In fact, it’s best to let it dry because it is highly nourishing. Its therapeutic effects also work wonders on the skin. Of course, there’s no need to dilute castor oil since it is already safe to use.

Simple and Clean Use of Castor Oil for Hair

First, we need to acknowledge just how good castor oil is for the hair. Whether it’s the one that grows out of your head or your lashes and brows, there are definitely good things that come out of using it regularly. Applying some castor oil for growing hair even makes it stronger and more resilient against damages.

1. It is important to start with a clean and dry state.

Make sure to remove any water or dirt on your hair before applying the oil. It’s alright even if you apply it even wet. But make sure that there is no dripping water or it gets harder for the oil to coat the strands.

2. Take a few drops and put it on palms.

Just like with the skin, it’s best to apply castor oil on hair using palms. You can use combs and brushes but only after you’ve put on the oil. This only helps disseminate the oil all over the hair. But for the scalp, use your hands to knead it gently.

Castor Oil Review - Basics of Clean and Stress-Free Application of Castor Oil

3. Leave the oil on hair overnight or for the recommended period.

Let the oil do its wonders for your hair by leaving it on. Some of the blends, you need to rinse off, after the time is up. If you need to wash it, make sure to use lukewarm water or you risk stripping the natural moisture of the hair.

4. For lashes or brows, use a proper applicator.

Of course, let’s not forget that castor oil from different brands like the Kate Blanc Organic Castor Oil is actually good for lashes and brows. This is why you need to use a proper applicator. A clean mascara wand or a q-tip perhaps? Follow the flow of hair and you’ll get fuller and thicker lashes that frame the eyes.