Beauty Secrets: Expert Hacks You Must Try With Castor Oil

By: | Aug 24, 2017

Experts surely know a secret or two when it comes to handling castor oil and what else it is good for. Don’t know what to use if you’ve run out of facial wash? Castor oil’s here to the rescue! There’s no question as to why it’s dubbed as the Palm of Christ. No, it’s not a holy oil and you can’t purify your soul with it just to erase the skin and hair care crimes you’ve committed.

The reason behind this name is that it has a lot of healing benefits that are not only great for the body but also for the skin and hair. Castor oil’s versatile uses are truly wide-ranging. You can use it for your daily skin care needs. You can even apply castor oil for hair. But what makes it truly amazing is that you can use it for these secret beauty hacks!

Full and Lush Lashes

Full and Lush Lashes With Castor Oil

If you’ve run out of mascaras, you can instead use castor oil to get a full volume on those lashes. It’s actually a better choice since it does not clump and stick the strands together. There’s no need to wash it off. Leaving it on your lashes is actually good. Applying castor oil for hair growth does not only apply on your tresses. It also works for lashes and brows and improves their strength, reducing chances of falling strands. Who wants to lose their defining brows anyway?

Safe and Effective Acne Treatment

Few people know of this trick – apply castor oil on pimples and acnes to reduce their size and redness. It even works overnight! Just dab the oil on the affected area before sleeping and you’ll wake up to smaller and less noticeable pimples. The secret behind this effect? It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why you can easily sleep away acne when you regularly apply it!

Purifying the Skin

Use it For Skin Purifying Every Night

Some people think that it’s risky to apply oil on the face especially for oily skin. What more if they heard about using castor oil for cleansing? There are definitely merits in choosing castor oil for purifying the face every night over facial cleansers. What makes it better and safer? It does not dry the skin. And if you think that it clogs the pores, here’s where you’re wrong. It is highly absorbent which makes it effective when it comes to reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Although it is thick, it still seeps better than any other products. If you use it for cleansing, it kills bacteria and germs that cause damage. The antioxidants fight the free radicals and its purifying effects draw out any impurities that may clog the pores. Want to see the effects of this oil on the skin? Try the Sky Organics Castor Oil!

Soft and Supple Lips With Castor Oil

Soften and Plump Up Those Kissable Lips!

Of course, the perks of using castor oil do not stop on skin and hair health. It also works for your lips! Unlike other lip products, it does not dry the lips. Yes, some ingredients in lip products dry the lips to keep you using them. Some of them include mint-flavored lip balms. So it’s better to use castor oil for the lips. It keeps it moisturized, soft and looking supple. Plus, it helps give your lips a shiny and plump appearance.

Keeping Your Cuticles Healthy

Applying nail polish and acetone weaken the cuticles. Even your everyday products like detergent and alcohol tend to make your nails more brittle. Once in a while, you can apply castor oil on your nails to keep it healthy. It does not only coat it in the proteins that are important for its health but the castor oil also prevents it from going brittle.