Eyebrows On Fleek: The Magic Of Castor Oil

By: | Jul 31, 2017

Brows and lashes are some of our best features. Isn’t this why we’ve always invested in mascaras and liners? No need for eye shadows as long as you’ve got that wand and charcoal ink with you. There’s no need for a lot of cosmetics to make your eyes pop. A swish of the mascara or a few strokes of the liners on the brows or eyelids gives you that fierce and distinct look you’re going for.

But if one day, you just wake up, and you’re tired even with the very simple steps of drawing brows, what are you going to do? You can’t just go out and feel confident with your thin brows, can you? Here’s castor oil to work its magic on your eyebrows.

Castor Oil Review - Eyebrows on Fleek The Magic of Castor Oil

Eye-Popping Long Lashes

Using castor oil for skin is not all there is when it comes to this oil. Its strength also does not lie on its effects as a laxative. In fact, what makes it a favorite for beauty buffs is that it helps give you long and lush lashes that just makes your eyes pop.

Overnight treatments help in making sure that your lashes grow thicker, longer, and more resilient against damages. A few minutes of rub down a night give long-lasting results too.

Fuller and Bolder Brows

Brows eventually get thin and quite messy over time. This is why you spend tons of money just to never run out on liners. Brows are what gives us character. It further defines your features and enhances your look. Aging and other circumstances often lead to the thinning and even the falling strands of brows. This is where hair-loving essential oils come in.

This is why you need to know about the magic of castor oil immediately. This will save you from suffering in silence as you continue to watch your eyebrows fade over time. Be a proud wearer of eyebrows on fleek.

Castor Oil Review - Eyebrows on Fleek The Magic of Castor Oil

How To Use Castor Oil on Brows and Lashes

Here’s how you can use castor oil for hair to make it grow thicker and fuller. Healthy brows and lashes are what define your looks. This overnight treatment is perfect for promoting their voluminous growth. Give it a try and see visible results in a few weeks!


  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Castor Oil

Mix equal parts of these ingredients to create a blend that coats the strands in every drop of this nourishing moisturizer. Let the product sit on the lashes overnight for softer and fuller lashes. Store this recipe in a clean container for future use. For a good product, we recommend the Pure Acres Farm Castor Oil, which is quite effective in promoting the thicker growth of eyelashes.

Castor Oil Review - Eyebrows on Fleek The Magic of Castor Oil


Make sure to apply the product correctly to reap its full benefits.

For Overnight Treatment

  1. Wash the face to clean the brows and lashes from any dirt.
  2. Pat dry until there is no moisture left. It will help the oil absorb through the strands better.
  3. Use a Q-tip or your fingertips and take a drop of this mixture.
  4. Coat the lashes and brows with this oil.
  5. Let it sit overnight and wake up to soft lashes and brows.

For Natural Lash and Brow Volumizer

  1. Always start with a clean slate. Make sure that your brows and lashes are free from dirt and makeup even after you’ve applied your cosmetics.
  2. Use a Q-tip to apply some mixture on lashes and brows.
  3. Follow the flow of the lashes and brows to make it look bolder.
  4. Apply on morning or when you need some retouch.