Procedures and Techniques that Give You Longer Lashes

By: | Apr 18, 2018

Various surveys say that 3 out of 4 women in the U.S., ages 18 to 65, think the length, thickness, or color of their eyelashes is inadequate. With the help of modern techniques, getting the look you so desire is easier nowadays. You can get a range of options that vary in terms of price, accessibility, and lasting effects. With a number of options to choose from, it’s only a matter of picking the right method for you. So what are your options? Let’s find out.

Woman lying on her back and getting some eyelash extensions from a cosmetologist


Getting eyelash extensions is one of the most popular beauty trends today, especially among celebrities. Extensions are made of silk, mink, synthetic, or human hair. They are glued individually on each eyelash to prevent clumping. The procedure can take 1 to 3 hours to attach a full set.

Unlike getting false eyelashes every time, eyelash extension is a far more convenient option. Refills or touch-ups are done every 2 weeks and are necessary for maintenance.

The cost typically varies from salons or clinics. It ranges from 100 to 500 dollars, depending on the skill of the cosmetician and the number of lashes used. Regular touch-ups may cost you an additional 50 to 165 dollars. The result is semi-permanent extensions designed to last until the natural eyelashes fall off.


Bimatoprost is a U.S. FDA approved medication for growing eyelashes. Patients can get this drug only upon a doctor’s prescription. It was originally developed to treat glaucoma and was later found to increase eyelash growth as a side effect. A 3mL bottle typically costs 125 dollars and a 5mL bottle costs 150 dollars.

Bimatoprost mimics the natural chemicals that the body uses to produce longer eyelashes called prostaglandins. Like other medications, this eyelash-growing drug may have side effects. These include eye itchiness and irritation, dry eyes, redness, and darkening of skin around the eyes. Make sure to seek professional help when using this medication.


Eyelash serums are non-prescription enhancers that contain proteins and amino acids to boost eyelash growth. Many cosmetic brands offer this type of product. The price could range from as low as 8 dollars to 150 dollars.

Most serums contain a mix of various natural ingredients that are known to help grow longer eyelashes. Castor oil, biotin, and ginseng are some of the most common ingredients you will see. There are certain essential oils that also help make eyelashes look longer. Learn more about essential oils and which oil can help lengthen your lashes.

When using eyelash serums you must clean the brush or mascara wand that you use in between application. This ensures that you avoid eye irritation and infection.


Undergoing an eyelash surgery is probably the most intricate and expensive method of getting longer and thicker eyelashes. Here’s how the procedures is done. Hair follicles from the back of the head are taken and transplanted to the lash lines one by one.  It can take about 3 to 4 hours to finish and can cost you around 2,000 to 4,500 dollars.

Right after the surgery your eyes may feel sore. The doctor will provide you with pain relievers to help manage the pain. The result of an eyelash surgery is a very real looking length and thickness for your eyelashes. Despite its cost, the pain, and recovery period, many people still undergo this procedure due to its effectiveness at giving you longer eyelashes.

Dinner setup with a white plate on an orange place mat; contains eyeliner, eyelash curler, and false eyelashes


Using mascaras and eyeliners help accentuate the lashes for a more luscious look. Although makeup does not physically lengthen your eyelashes, it can create an illusion to make it appear fuller and longer. In the 60’s, lashes were literally drawn under the eyes using an eyeliner. You can choose from many brands of mascaras available in the market today. The price ranges from 5 to 175 dollars. Some makeup and cosmetic products contain ingredients that nourish eyelashes to make it grow longer. Castor oil is one of these ingredients. Find out what other things castor oil is used for in cosmetics.


Applying makeup can sometimes get support from using eyelash curlers. They give lashes extra curl and upward curve so it appears longer and fuller. You can get yours from department stores and beauty shops near you. Eyelash curlers are also available for purchase online. These curlers come in different types such as mechanical, heated, precision eyelash curlers, and mini or travel eyelash curlers. Plastic and metal are the most common materials used to make eyelash curlers.

Woman wearing false eyelashes

False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes or more commonly known as falsies are synthetic hair made with very thin plastic. These are glued along lash lines to make your eyes pop! From full-length false eyelashes to individual lashes, it’s one of the most popular ways of getting thicker lashes. It costs about 5 to 30 dollars. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian are typically seen glammed up with fake eyelashes. A word of caution though, unlike extensions, falsies will wear off when taking a shower. Some makeup removers are also capable of removing falsies easily.


There’s no better way to make your lashes longer by growing it the natural way. If you are not born with thick lashes, there’s still hope. Use natural products such as essential oils, shea butter, and aloe vera gel. These products and ingredients are all rich in essential nutrients such as fatty acids that promote hair growth. With added moisture and vitamins, natural products help make your lashes stay strong and healthy. Castor oil is one of the most popular natural oils that can help lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Learn more about how castor oil makes eyelashes longer in this Castor Oil Review article.

The dream of having long and thick eyelashes is something that many people strive to achieve. Choose the right eyelash enhancing process that works for your lashes and fits your budget as well. If you are still unsure on which procedure to use, go to an expert or a medical professional so you’ll never go wrong.