Say Goodbye to Dry and Irritated Skin with Castor Oil Soap

By: | Nov 5, 2018

Wash your body with moisturizing soap that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. There are lots of soaps that contain natural ingredients such as carrier oils, which give them hydrating and nourishing properties. Castor oil is a popular ingredient in skin care products. It helps soothe inflammation, which can reduce acne and pimples. The oil restores skin’s radiance and keeps it supple.

Organic soaps made with castor oil

You can get all of these, and more of castor oil’s wonderful benefits when you use soaps with castor oil. Soaps are some of the most common skin care products that contain castor oil. They can make your skin heal from the inside and provide long-lasting moisture. These soaps make your skin supple and more luminous as well. Castor oil’s therapeutic properties help soothe red and inflamed skin to make it glow from the inside.

Get the benefits of castor oil for skin easily when you use soap with castor oil. Learn more about castor oil in soap and its benefits.

Benefits of Castor Oil in Soapmaking

Castor oil is a great ingredient in skin care products. It is a carrier oil that has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Many soapmakers use castor oil because it is rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids. The oil has other unique properties that help create an effective and safe soap too. Below are benefits of castor oil when used to make soaps.

Pouring castor oil out of glass bottle

Castor Oil is More Stable than Other Carrier Oils

Castor oil is stable. This means that the oil doesn’t freeze or evaporate easily when exposed to low or high temperatures. The oil’s stability is a good characteristic that makes production easier. It helps maintain the soap’s solid or liquid form as well.

Liquid soap that contains unstable carrier oil solidifies fast when it gets cold. This makes it hard to use the soap, especially in winter. On the other hand, solid soap gets soft and melts faster. Castor oil maintains the soap’s form.

Castor Oil Absorbs Into Skin

The oil is non-comedogenic, which means that it absorbs into skin. Compared to other oils like coconut oil, castor oil absorbs into skin to deliver moisture and nourishment. It doesn’t clog pores and cause buildup of dead skin cells. Comedogenic oils have larger molecular size. They do not absorb into skin and tends to build up on its surface. These oils may clog pores, which can lead to acne, pimples, and bumps.

Castor Oil Is Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Castor oil is a great ingredient to create non-drying oils. It is rich in essential fatty acids that help moisturize skin deeply. The oil helps cleanse skin without leaving it dry. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid as well. It is an omega fatty acid with therapeutic properties. Ricinoleic acid helps soothe inflamed and red skin. This gives your skin a radiant glow and smoother texture. These essential fatty acids condition skin as well for long-lasting moisture.

Castor oil in clear glass bottle

Castor Oil is Affordable

Castor oil is very affordable. When used as key ingredient in soaps, it can help lower the product’s price without reducing its effectiveness, safety, or quality. The oil is a renewable source of soap ingredient too. Instead of chemicals, soapmakers can use castor oil in their soap.

Castor Oil Has Strong Bactericidal Property

Soap with castor oil has strong bactericidal property. It kills bacteria and fungi that can cause skin conditions. Using this type of soap can alleviate some skin conditions caused by bacteria or fungi. It helps maintain healthy skin as well as protect it from conditions.

The oil’s antibacterial properties help prevent growth of bacteria and fungi too. Combined with the oil’s stability, it can extend soap’s shelf life and make the product safe to use for a long time. Castor oil is used in other cosmetics as well, other than soaps. Find out how it works at the page below.

How Soap with Castor Oil Helps Your Skin

It’s time that you ditch regular soap. Castor oil-infused soap is here to make your skin softer, smoother, and brighter. Using soap with castor oil improves your skin a lot. It does not only make skin healthier, but soap with castor oil also makes skin look younger and suppler. The following are benefits you can get when you use moisture-rich soap.

Soap, castor oil, and other bathing accessories

Cleanses Skin without Causing Dryness

There are types of soap that contain drying chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Soap that contains these chemicals can remove necessary moisture from skin leaving it dry and prone to irritation. Since castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids, it prevents dryness of skin. Castor oil absorbs into skin’s deeper layers and provides hydration as well.

Most of the essential fatty acids found in castor oil are emollients. This means that they bind water to skin’s surface to keep it moisturized. This is also why the oil works well to cleanse skin. Learn how to use castor oil as face cleanser here.

Soothes Red and Inflamed Skin

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Soap that uses castor oil as key ingredient helps soothe red and inflamed skin. Using this soap can help alleviate symptoms of skin conditions. It can improve skin’s texture and radiance as well. Red and inflamed skin is often caused by heat or sun damage. Castor oil improves skin’s ability to heal itself. Applying the soap on skin can reduce the redness and inflammation.

Conditions Skin for Long-Lasting Moisture

Essential fatty acids found in castor oil resemble skin’s natural moisture called sebum. This is why the oil is highly moisturizing. It helps moisturize skin for a long time. A small amount of castor oil goes a long way to moisturize skin. This moisture-rich soap will make your skin feel supple and soft all day long.

Soft and smooth skin

Reduces Acne, Pimples, and Other Skin Conditions

Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce acne and pimples. Soap with castor oil might help alleviate symptoms of skin conditions as well. These skin conditions include dermatitis and psoriasis. Castor oil soap can help control dandruff and flaky skin as well.

Maintains Skin’s Soft and Smooth Texture

Dry skin feels rough to touch. When you use regular soap, your skin becomes damaged and loses its suppleness. Lack of moisture can do this to your skin. Castor oil soap is the perfect cleanser not only for dry skin but for sensitive and mature skin too. The soap maintains your skin’s soft and smooth texture. It helps fortify your skin’s natural barrier as well to prevent roughness and damage.

Soap with castor oil does not only cleanse skin. It improves skin’s texture, suppleness, and radiance as well. Using castor oil-infused soap makes your skin look younger and protect it from damage. Most of all, the soap is safe and effective on all skin types. If you are tired of dry and flaky skin, look for high-quality soap that contains castor oil. Bathe using castor oil soap to get softer and younger-looking skin!