Why You Need Castor Oil for a Lustrous Hair

By: | Jul 12, 2017

Do you feel inconvenienced with having frizzy hair that is hard to tame? Dry and wiry locks do not only feel rough to the touch. They also lack the gloss and shine that a healthy hair has. Make those stubborn tresses submit to your needs and revive the dead strands that go wild and bristly.

Familiar with castor oil and the magic that it does on your hair? If not, you have yet to witness the wonderful effects of using castor oil on hair.

Castor Oil Review - Why You Need Castor Oil for a Lustrous Hair

Taking An In-Depth Look Into What Your Hair Needs

Different types of hair range from curly, wavy, to straight. Oily hair or dry hair is not even a type but more of a condition that is affected by the health of your scalp. If you have oily hair that is heavy and feels greasy, it’s probably because your scalp tends to overproduce oil. On the other hand, dry hair is a sign that your scalp is not producing enough oil.

Thing is, there’s actually no such thing as healthy hair. The hair that grows on your head is dead. They die when they come out of the follicles. This is why you can’t exactly change the condition of your hair unless you use some heavyweight conditioners.

You will notice that the health and state of the scalp always affect the condition of your hair. This is why you need to know just what the scalp needs to solve and prevent hair care issues. Shiny Leaf, as a promising brand, brings a simple hair care guide for the health of your tresses.

  • Nourishment

The scalp and hair get its primary source of nourishment from the foods that you eat. Your body needs minerals and protein to help with healthier and stronger growth of hair. While you won’t be able to do anything about the locks that have already grown, you can help your scalp produce strands that are more resilient against damages.

Castor Oil Review - Why You Need Castor Oil for a Lustrous Hair

  • Hydration

As with nourishment, the hair needs a lot of hydration that it gets from the food and drinks that you consume. It helps give it a softer and silkier texture. You can use one of the top essential oils for hair just for this, and it is castor oil. Among the variety of essential oils, this is probably one of the best out there. It does not help in moisturizing it but also gives your tresses a healthy shine.

  • Regular Trimming

You can’t avoid damaging your strands, which is why it is important that you trim it regularly. It helps control the damages from spreading and even removes split ends. Regular trimming also prevents the frizzing of hair which always starts at the tips.

Natural Remedy for Hair Care Woes

Applying some high-quality castor oil on hair works wonders as it does not only help give it some moisture but also deliver a full load of nourishing substances. Here’s how castor oil affects your hair and scalp.

  • Long-lasting moisture.

What makes castor oil so precious when it comes to conditioning the hair is that it is fast absorbent. It is also lightweight which does not leave a greasy feeling. Apply it all throughout the day and it won’t let the tresses go limp and dry.

Castor Oil Review - Why You Need Castor Oil for a Lustrous Hair

  • Stronger hair growth.

The myth of using castor oil for faster hair growth is not necessarily true. It does not have any abilities to do so. But it helps in promoting the stronger growth of the strands. It delivers nourishment and even boosts blood flow which is an important process for scalp health.

  • Soothes and prevents scalp conditions.

Its antifungal and antibacterial properties are effective in naturally soothing and preventing scalp conditions. It kills bacteria that causes damage and also aids in stopping any infection from happening.

  • Improves damaged follicles.

Making sure that the hair follicles in your scalp are strong, helps ensure that you don’t suffer from hair loss. While it is a common thing to happen, when left untreated, it may escalate to worse cases.