Essential Oils

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Which Type of Essential Oil is Best for You?

By: | May 11, 2017

Even with the frequently evolving trends in the beauty and wellness industry, some experts still advise the use of natural products. Personal care trends change so rapidly due to constant reinvention with the latest technology. Regardless, natural products such as essential oils have remained a staple when it comes to natural beauty.

Essential oils are extracts taken from organic ingredients such as plants and herbs. Their various types depend on which part of a plant or herb they are taken. Flower essential oil, leaves essential oil, seeds essential oil, and peel essential oil are some of its most common types. There is also wood essential oil, berry essential oil, and root essential oil to offer you wide-ranging therapeutic effects. Other unique types of extracts include bark essential oil, resin essential oil, and rhizome essential oil.

All these extracts capture the essence of the plant. The oil carries the plant’s healing and therapeutic properties. It may sometimes include flavor or fragrance too. This helps in aromatherapy and massage. You will love essential oils even more when used for personal care. Some oils such as rose oil and castor oil are great for keeping hair and skin healthy.  Here is a detailed run-through of the different types of essential oils. Get to know them better and learn which one suits your needs.


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    Remarkable Uses of Essential Oils

    Are you looking for great ideas on how to use essential oils? Here are the most common essential oil applications you will always want to remember.


    Enhance your overall well-being with essential oils. Aromatic plant extracts and essential oils are great for aromatherapy. You can put it on a diffuser to expel its relaxing fragrance in the room. You can simply sniff from the bottle too. Others enjoy aromatic baths with a few drops in the tub. Inhaling the scent of essential oils has therapeutic effects for the mind and body. Their beautiful aromas help stimulate brain function or boost positive energy.

    Massage Therapy

    A massage helps ease discomfort from joint and muscle pains. It’s your best option to soothe everyday and occupational stresses. This hands-on manipulation of body tissues can maintain or improve physical function. With the use of essential oils, a massage could turn into a sensual or therapeutic experience. It is a great way to enjoy the relaxing touch of massage therapy. Indulge in its soothing effects on your body.

    Hair Care

    For soft and shiny hair, using essential oils is the best way to go. Some types of essential oils contain healthy nutrients that keep hair moisturized. Your hair stays silky smooth and easy to manage. There are essential oils that contain fatty acids, vitamin E, and proteins like castor oil. These compounds help boost the growth of healthier and stronger hair. Some oils like coconut oil are effective scalp treatments. Applying it on scalp may help relive dandruff and itchiness.

    Skin Care

    The nourishing properties of many essential oils are great for skin care. Applying it regularly will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. The moisturizing and healing properties of essential oils help rejuvenate the skin. Many types of essential oils contain antioxidants. They help reduce or prevent signs of skin aging. Look younger and fresher with a brighter complexion.  Use all natural skin care products like essential oils.


    Make sumptuous recipes using essential oils. Food grade essential oils are perfect for flavoring and are safe for consumption. These oils can also enhance your dish’s aroma.  It creates a more delightful dining experience. They are common ingredients for sweets and baked goods. They make more flavorful soups and marinades too. Peppermint, lemon, and orange are a few essential oil favorites for savory cooking.