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Bark Essential Oil

Best Health-Boosting Oil from Barks


Barks could be a great source of viscous oil. No, it’s not a dog’s fluid-spitting bark. It’s the bark that comes from plants. They are the outermost layers of stems, branches, and roots. Trees, woody vines, and shrubs all have barks. Cinnamon oil is the best example of a bark essential oil. It is widely patronized for its wonderful benefits.

Bark Essential Oil

Like other essential oils, it has a number of exciting everyday uses. The oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties good for enhancing immunity. You can include it to a healthy living lifestyle. This will improve for your personal and family’s wellness.


    Cinnamon Essential Oil

    Cinnamon is a very popular spice used in medicine and food industry. It is a favorite ingredient for sweet and savory foods. You can find it in ice cream, baked goods, and candies.

    This flavorful spice is native to India and Sri Lanka. They are also common in Bangladesh and Myanmar. Over a hundred varieties of cinnamon are grown worldwide. Two of the most popular types used for making this bark essential oil are Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon.

    Properties and Components

    The flavor of cinnamon used for food preparation comes from an aromatic essential oil. This oil makes up 0.5 to 1 percent of its composition. It is golden yellow, with a distinct “sweet ‘n spicy” odor and taste.

    This unique quality comes from cinnamaldehyde. This compound makes up 50 to 90 percent of the oil. It has a pleasant aroma that can relax and soothe the mind and body.

    The cinnamon spice derived from cinnamon barks has antioxidant activity. Extracting its oil carries the same property. This makes the oil perfect for skin care too.

    Cinnamon in ice cream and baked goods

    Crafting Oil from Cinnamon Bark

    To extract the essential oil from cinnamon barks, two methods may be used. The simpler method is steam distillation. The other method is Soxhlet extraction. Here’s how they work:

    Steam Distillation

    More manufacturers apply steam distillation. This extracts various types of essential oil. It has a greater advantage in terms of production cost. It also takes less time. This method does not use heat that may alter the oil’s properties. Thus, the resulting oil is of higher quality.

    Soxhlet Extraction

    Soxhlet extraction is a traditional method for obtaining extracts from plant materials. Solvents and heat are employed for this process. It usually takes longer and obtains lower quality oil. Due to exposure to heat, some compounds degrade throughout the process. It involves evaporation to create a concentrated material. This stage results to further loss of volatile components.

    Cinnamon sticks and essential oil

    Health Benefits of Cinnamon Oil

    What makes cinnamon oil the best bark essential oil? This impressive list of health benefits speaks for itself.

    Heals Skin – The oil carries antimicrobial property that is great for skin. It is effective for treating certain skin concerns. That includes rashes, acne, and infections.

    Supports Heart Health – Cinnamon oil promotes the production of nitric oxide. This is important for people who have experienced a heart attack or stroke. It naturally keeps the arteries clear and free from clogging.

    Natural Aphrodisiac – Increased blood flow helps increase libido. It reduces possibilities of erectile dysfunction in men. It makes a natural remedy for impotence.

    Controls Blood Sugar and Insulin Release – Balanced insulin release helps keep blood sugar stable and reduce sugar cravings. Simply inhaling its aroma can help unwanted cravings pass.

    Promotes Weight Loss – Overeating and too much sugar consumption lead to weight gain. Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar levels. It improves the taste of foods without added sugar. It’s effective for curbing a sweet tooth.

    Fights Parasites – Studies reveal that taking a small quantity of cinnamon essential oil may inhibit the growth of certain parasites.

    Prevents Ulcers – It contains eugenol, which helps fight some gastric effects of a poor diet. It reduces pain caused by ulcer.

    Treats Headaches – By increasing blood circulation in the body, cinnamon essential oil helps reduce headache.

    Relieves Sore Throat – Cinnamon oil helps clear nasal passages. Combining it with hot lemon water and honey makes a perfect sore throat remedy. It may help cure toothaches and colds too.

    Honey and cinnamon mix to relieve sore throat

    Effective Use of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

    Experience these incredible benefits when you use cinnamon oil. Here are the various methods you can try.

    Topical Application – When applying it topically, always make sure to dilute it first. Combining equal parts of coconut oil makes a great blend. You can use it for body massage to improve skin texture. This oil blend helps moisturize and heal dry skin. Of course, you may combine it with other oils too!

    Diffusion – Let the relaxing scent of cinnamon oil disperse throughout your home using a diffuser. You can create a natural home deodorizer. Simply combine scents of cinnamon, orange, and lemon. For an instant fresh scent, you can inhale it directly from the bottle. You can also apply some drops to your neck or clothes similar to a perfume.

    Oral Consumption – Most cinnamon oils are safe for oral consumption. When taking one internally, make sure that the brand is suitable for ingestion. To make it a more delightful experience, you can add this oil to some of your favorite dishes. Make sure not to expose it to too much heat. Heat depletes its active ingredients. You will love how it tastes so much like cinnamon spice!

    Cinnamon sticks with lemon

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