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Berry Essential Oil

3 Berry Sweet Essential Oils to Befriend


Getting hooked by the sweet and tangy taste of berries is no surprise. They have refreshing flavors that are very attractive to the taste buds! Berries are small, pulpy, and often edible fruits. They are natural antioxidants with high amounts of vitamin C. Who would have thought their impressive therapeutic benefits could be bottled up by creating berry essential oil?

That’s true. All essential oils are extensions of the plants they were taken from. They are rich in nutrients typically found in the leaves, barks, roots or fruits. Taking the oil extract from berries gives berry essential oil. This type of essential oil is especially sweet in aroma, so you will enjoy its scent as you use it.

Berry Essential Oil


    Berry Essential Oil vs. Berry Fragrance Oil

    How many different kinds of berries are there? Probably thousands of species.

    With that much number, the diversity of berry essential oils follows suit. It may be surprising but not all these are real berry essential oils. Some are berry fragrance oils.

    What is the difference?

    Berry essential oil has therapeutic benefits while fragrance oils do not. That’s the plain and simplest answer.

    Different types of berry essential oil carry health benefits from the fruits they were derived from. That may include antioxidant property and essential nutrients. Due to its therapeutic compounds, berry essential oil typically helps ease certain health concerns. Like many other essential oils, berry essential oil is great for personal care use. Some are perfect for skin, while others are effective for relieving pain and improving immunity.

    Berries commonly available as berry fragrance oils

    On the other hand, berry fragrance oils are not therapeutic in any way. Examples of berry fragrance oils are popular berries like strawberry, blueberry, and cherry. These berries do not produce the extract needed to create an essential oil. Hence, their health benefits don’t usually translate in an oil form. They can’t be used in typical ways you would an essential oil.

    Yet the greatest thing about berry fragrance oil is their pleasant smell. Their fragrances are truly enjoyable. Diffusing them around your space is delightful and fun. Craft your own homemade scented candles, soaps, and perfume with these interesting scents.

    If you want essential oils from those fruits, you should use their seed oil counterparts. There are oils from the seeds of these berries available in the market today. They are also great skin moisturizers, hair care products, and massage oils.

    3 Best Essential Oils from Berry

    Berries are the sexiest fruits on the planet. They have a sensual quality about them, which makes it fun to try their essential oil versions. Here are some you should try.

    Juniper Berry

    Juniper berry essential oil comes from berries or needles of the juniper plant. The berries are either dried or fresh. Two species are used: Juniperus osteosperma and Juniperus scopulorum.

    It provides incredible benefits for detoxification and boosting the immune system. Juniper berries themselves are rich in flavonoid and antioxidants. They fight free radicals in our body and help in deter premature aging. It is an effective remedy for sore throat and respiratory infections. It is also great for soothing fatigue. Use it to relieve muscle aches and arthritis. Other health benefits of juniper berry essential oil include skin healing and aid in digestion.

    It has a sweet woody aroma also pleasant for fragrance sprays and aromatherapy blends. Inhaling its scent helps promote better sleep to fight insomnia.

    Juniper Berry

    Sea Buckthorn Berry

    Sea buckthorn berry essential oil comes from the berries and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant. Other common names for this plant are sandthorn, sallowthorn, or seaberry. Despite these suggestive names, sea buckthorn does not thrive in the sea. However, it has stiff branches that are very thorny.

    Extracting oil from sea buckthorn berry provides you benefits to improve health. Food grade type of this oil is useful in food preparation. It is a common ingredient in making jellies, juices, purees, and sauces. You can also enjoy its skin benefits when added to skin care. It’s a great ingredient for cosmetics and anti-aging products.

    Applying the oil directly on skin helps prevent sunburn and promotes healing of wounds. It has a number of health benefits, including heart health and preventing infections.

    Sea Buckthorn Berry

    Laurel Berry

    Laurel berry essential oil is an extract of Laurus nobilis. Some people refer to it as bay laurel, sweet bay, or bay tree. Others call it Grecian laurel, true laurel or simply laurel.

    It has a strong antibacterial property and is an effective skin treatment. It is prominent in Middle Eastern cultures. They use it for acne, dry skin, and fungal infections. It is very useful in making soaps due to the rich lather it gives.

    For body applications, you will love using this oil for many health reasons. It helps relax muscles naturally. It provides comfort for patients suffering from rheumatism. If you have sore joints and muscle pain, use it as a massage oil. As it relaxes your body, the oil has antioxidant properties that clear and soften your skin. The oil has a green to light brown color with a spicy scent and taste.

    Laurel Berry

    3 Ways to Use Berry Essential Oil

    Essential oils from berries have great benefits that you can enjoy in three ways.

    Diffusion – For instant relief, you may inhale the sweet scent of berry essential oil directly from the bottle. Otherwise, you can diffuse it throughout your home for the family to enjoy.

    Topical Application – To experience the skin enhancing benefits of berry essential oil, you can apply it directly to your skin. Make sure to dilute it with a rich carrier oil like castor oil. It makes a great massage oil good for healing.

    Ingestion – Taking berry essential oil internally to relieve digestive problems may be safe. Just make sure to check for the quality of the oil. It should be therapeutic grade and suitable for ingestion. Consulting a health professional is always advised.

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