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Leaves Essential Oil

Top 5 Leaves Essential Oil Favorites


Was it a cough? Was it pesto? Probably it was a nice afternoon tea party.

Whatever it was, leaves are a significant feature in any of these situations. Oregano leaves make great cough medicine. Basil leaves make a yummy pesto sauce. Tea leaves make a tasty cup of tea. Leaves have probably influenced you at least once in your life. If you haven’t heard about this, using leaves essential oil is the best way to experience the therapeutic benefits of leaves. It is versatile and very easy to use.

Leaves Essential Oil

Essential oils from plants are one of the most outstanding natural products in personal care. Many users love these essences for their therapeutic benefits. Some varieties help relax and calm the senses. Others relieve certain health concerns like digestive, cardiac or respiratory problems. Even minor wounds and skin issues like acne have perfect essential oil pairs.

Among its many types, leaves essential oil is said to have the most medicinal properties. Discover the different methods of deriving essential oils from leaves and five outstanding examples.


    Crafting Leaves Essential Oil

    Most leaves essential oil comes from herbs and plants that have a rich and invigorating scent. There are various ways to obtain these essences and here are the common methods.

    Solvent Extraction

    Solvent extraction uses solvents like petroleum ether, methanol or hexane. This extracts the essences of the plant through the leaves. The solvent may also pull out its pigment and other plant tissue, resulting in a colored and thick extract.


    Distillation is said to be the best method of obtaining essential oil from leaves.  This method uses steam, or water and steam. Either means will slowly break through the leaves. The steam rises upward, bringing with it the volatile constituents of the leaves. It goes through a connecting pipe that leads into a condenser. Then the vapor turns into liquid where leaves essential oil is finally collected.

    Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

    The latest process used for extracting aromatic products is supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. It involves using CO2 as a liquid solvent. Pressure is used to turn the CO2 gas into liquid. It diffuses throughout the plant material, taking its aromatic components.

    Top 5 Leaves Essential Oil Favorites

    All kinds of leaves essential oil are definitely worth trying. These are some of the few you shouldn’t miss.


    Probably one of the biggest names in essential oils is patchouli. This oil is great for treating skin problems like eczema and dryness. It is a great anti-aging product that helps reduce wrinkles and minimizes scars. Applying it on skin boosts cell rejuvenation too. Experience amazing health benefits for your digestive and immune system with this oil. Patchouli can reduce insomnia and fight depression. It’s awesome how this oil makes you feel better.

    Patchouli Leaves

    Tea Tree

    Tea tree oil is most known for its healing properties. It keeps the skin clean and free from bacteria. This helps reduce acne. It deeply removes impurities, leaving skin bright and fresh. You can also use tea tree oil to soften dry cuticles and eliminate body odor. It cures issues with hygiene like athlete’s foot. It reduces the itching and swelling. Using it helps relieve scaling of the skin. Feel your skin transform. It becomes smooth and clear from blemishes.

    Tea Tree Leaves


    Eucalyptus essential oil comes from an evergreen tree native to Australia. This oil has many medicinal properties just like the leaves themselves. It helps cure colds and flu by inhaling its vapor. Patients suffering from sinus and allergies show faster improvement when using eucalyptus oil. At home, you can use it as odor remover, air cleanser, and hand cleaner. Personal care uses of eucalyptus oil include wound and scalp treatment.

    Eucalyptus Leaves


    Peppermint oil is popular for its various purposes for food preparation. Use it for sumptuous dishes or refreshing sweet treats. It is also ideal as a fragrance for cosmetics and soaps. Other manufacturers use it for topical ointments. Apply peppermint oil to your skin to keep it fresh and free from impurities. It has many health benefits too. Use it to relieve stomach pain, heartburn, and diarrhea. Enjoy its soothing effect for headache and morning sickness.

    Peppermint Leaves


    Rosemary essential oil carries a delightful combination of woody and citrus aroma. It has therapeutic properties that invigorate body organs, including the heart, brain, and liver. Inhaling its vapor in the morning helps improve memory. Like many essential oils, it is perfect for food preparation such as a delicious dressing recipe. More excitingly, you can use rosemary oil for hair and skin care too. Grow hair fast when you apply this oil on your scalp. You will be free from dandruff too!

    Rosemary Leaves

    Reminder in Using Leaves Essential Oil

    Most essential oils derived from leaves are highly volatile. They can easily evaporate at normal temperatures. Applying them on the skin will be more effective when combined with a carrier oil.

    What is a carrier oil? As the name implies, a carrier oil will “carry” the essential oil to the area of application. Take skin application for example. Using a carrier oil helps deliver the nutrients to the skin layers deeply. You simply need to mix your leaves essential oil with the carrier oil. There are many recipes you can try. Just make sure to use oils that suit your skin type.

    Carrier oils are usually thick in nature and quick absorbent. They contain health benefits themselves like castor oil. Castor oil is rich in omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and protein. It has great benefits for keeping hair and skin healthy.

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