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Peel Essential Oil

3 Most Popular Peel Essential Oils


How do you harness the power of fruit peels? What can peel extracts do to improve our daily lives? The answers are simple, yet incredibly surprising.

When eating citrus fruits, you probably notice the tangy fluid that spritzes out of its peel. It smells so refreshing, doesn’t it? It causes a little sting when it gets in your eyes. Those reactions are signs of a powerful extract within. Obtaining its essence through an ordered process obtains peel essential oil.

Peel Essential Oil

All types of essential oils make great natural remedies. It is actually great to have at least one at home kept in your medicine cabinet. These oils commonly have a multitude of uses. Either for beauty or wellness purposes, there is an essential oil for you.


    Producing Peel Essential Oil

    Herbs, flowers, and fruits are the three main sources of essential oils. These types can branch out to various types of essential oils. It simply depends on what particular plant element is used. It could be the seeds, meat or peel of a fruit. Taking the peels will produce peel essential oil.

    Peel essential oils are usually from peels of citrus fruits. These types of peels are normally bursting with a tangy spray of fluid when squeezed. Obtaining its oil is very simple. Like castor oil extraction, the peels are cold pressed to take its oil. The process begins by washing the fruits. They need to be completely clean to avoid contamination due to bacteria. Then the peels are collected and pressed at low temperature to extract the oil.

    This way, the raw and full essence of the material is derived. It is the best method because it fully extracts the nutrients of the peels without damaging its natural composition. This is important to keep the oil’s therapeutic properties. It helps keep the oil fresh and effective when used.

    Top 3 Peel Essential Oils with a Powerful Punch

    Are you ready to experience the power of peel essential oil? Here are three awesome examples that are proven effective for many uses. Discover their unique properties and try them yourself!


    Orange essential oil is great for getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be a perfect anti-acne treatment. Oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin C. It’s a great antioxidant that promotes collagen production. This keeps your skin plump and supple. It has great health benefits too. This oil can naturally enhance your immunity and boost blood circulation. It carries a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Rub a few drops on sore muscles to relieve swelling and reduce the pain.

    With its refreshing and antibacterial property, orange essential oil has various uses for product manufacturing. Have you ever used soaps, detergent, or kitchen products that smell like oranges? Try checking the ingredients list. Such products likely contain this essential oil.

    Orange Peel


    Fruits like lemon are perfect for peel essential oil. Lemon essential oil’s zesty scent rejuvenates energy and improves the mood. This oil is rich in antibacterial properties and it keeps the skin free from impurities. Improve your complexion with its deep nourishing value. Your skin noticeably glows from within.

    For home use, you can use it to disinfect countertops or freshen up the laundry. Even commercial brands often use this as an ingredient. You can find it in detergents and kitchen products. It has a number of benefits for personal care too. It helps cure bad breath and relieve cough.

    Lemon Peel


    Bergamot essential oil has a combination of sweet and citrus scent that users love. It relaxes the senses and soothes the nerves. Use it to relieve stress and fight depression. With a cleansing ability, it is especially suitable for treating wounds and inflamed skin. It cures infections and promotes faster healing.

    Inhaling its scent by diffusion or rubbing it topically helps stimulate hormonal secretions. This reduces muscle pain and headaches. This oil also improves digestive and respiratory functions.

    Bergamot Peel

    Perfect Way to Use Peel Essential Oil

    Essential oils derived from fruit peels could be highly volatile. At normal temperatures, they easily evaporate. Applying them on the skin may not be as effective when used alone. The best way to harness its full potential is to mix it with a carrier oil.

    A carrier oil is a type of natural extract taken from fatty portions of plants. It could come from seeds, kernels or nuts. They are usually thick and are best for delivering the nutrients of essential oils to the skin. In a sense, they “carry” the oil’s value for best results. You simply need to combine your peel essential oil with a carrier oil. You can try many mixes. Choose a carrier oil that suits your skin type.

    Try using castor oil. It’s a great skin care product that suits all skin types. It absorbs into skin quickly to deliver essential nutrients. It contains fatty acids and vitamin E that helps repair skin damage. This oil helps retain moisture to keep skin hydrated. Using it boosts cell repair and collagen production too. Regular use helps fade signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin becomes radiantly smooth and healthy.

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