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Resin Essential Oil

Best Examples of Essential Oil from Resin


Did you know that trees have a natural knack for self-defense? That’s right. When they are hurt, they create a bandage to cover their injury. It protects them from diseases. It’s similar to what you do to protect your wound from infection. This bandage is called a resin. It is where resin essential oil comes from.

Many essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their relaxing and healing properties. Resin essential oil is useful for improving the mood. You can diffuse it to relieve stress and anxiety. They also have various health benefits. They improve immune system and encourage blood circulation.

Resin Essential Oil


    How and Why are Resins Formed?

    Resin is a sap-like substance that comes out of trees when they are injured. It normally is thick with varying colors. Most resins come in an amber tone, almost similar to pure honey.

    Since ancient times, people use them in making polishes and varnishes. Plant resins have valuable uses for making adhesives. They are components of food glazing agents too. Some examples like frankincense and myrrh are powdered. This creates incense with pleasant scent. Other resins naturally have therapeutic benefits valuable for medicinal use.

    Natural resins typically are able to melt. They can dissolve in various organic liquids but not in water. Pines and firs commonly produce this type of resin.

    When exposed to strong wind, fire, or lightning, tree barks may be injured. That’s where the resin formation occurs.

    Why do woody plants respond this way? What is the function of the resin?

    The resin acts as a bandage. This natural reaction protects them from invading insects. It also inhibits other microorganism from causing diseases. It is the tree’s own instinct of survival.

    Rather than waiting for these natural phenomena to happen, commercial producers of resin accelerate the process. They cut the trees in various spots where resin is most likely to come out. This boosts the formation of resin at larger amounts.

    Most common types of resin include the balm of Gilead and balsam. Dragon trees and turpentine are great examples too.

    Today, synthetic resins are very common to replace natural resins. These artificial alternatives have applications in other industries. Electrical equipment such as a cast-resin dry-type transformer is an example.

    Collecting resin from trees commercially

    3 Examples of Essential Oil Extracted From Resin

    There are two common ways of obtaining resin essential oil. Some manufacturers use steam distillation . Others prefer solvent extraction using chemicals such as alcohol. Here are three examples of resin essential oil you can try.


    Myrrh essential oil is typically used for spiritual ceremonies as incense. Due to its therapeutic effect and pleasant fragrance, it makes a great oil for diffusion. You can use it throughout home or your room. It is a perfect oil to use during meditation. The aroma is earthy, warm, and woody.

    This oil is most-prized for its property for oral health. Some oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash contain myrrh oil. Its anti-inflammatory activity helps relieve mouth infections and gum disease.

    This oil promotes skin health. Skin care products may contain myrrh essential oil not only for the scent but for its moisturizing effect as well.

    Myrrh Resin


    Frankincense essential oil is most common in aromatherapy. Inhaling its uplifting fragrance helps relieve chronic stress and anxiety. You can add a few drops of this oil to a relaxing bath water. If you are experiencing insomnia, you can diffuse it before bedtime to aid good sleep.

    This resin essential oil offers a variety of health benefits. Using it may help reduce pain and inflammation. It could also boost immunity and balance hormone levels.

    For skin application, frankincense essential oil is best to use when mixed with a carrier oil. A carrier oil helps the oil absorb effectively to the skin layers. Castor oil is perfect to use for all skin types. Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent. It is a natural remedy effective for acne prone skin.

    Frankincense Resin


    Benzoin resin has traditional uses for incense purposes. It comes from Styrax benzoin tree, which originated from Vietnam and Laos. Its oil is thick and sticky with a calming scent. It has a rich, warm, slightly woody smell to it. Some describe it to be very similar to vanilla.

    With this enticing scent, benzoin essential oil is perfect for massage. It relieves stiffness and aches in the body. Use it as massage oil to relieve swelling of muscles. It promotes blood circulation at the same time.

    This oil is great for meditation and mood improvement. You can use it with a diffuser. It is perfect for home and personal use. Enjoy its calming effect as you lie down and ease your mind.

    Benzoin Resin

    Resin Essential Oil Recipe

    Resin essential oils blend well with many other types of essential oils. Here is a simple recipe you can try. This massage oil is perfect for overall body application. Use it to relieve body pains and swelling. It relives your discomfort while nourishing your skin.


    • 2 drops benzoin essential oil
    • 2 drops rose absolute essential oil or castor oil
    • 3 drops frankincense essential oil
    • 5 drops lemon essential oil
    • 30 ml grape seed essential oil

    These ingredients may not be readily available though. If you don’t know where to buy essential oils, as well as other ingredients and materials for a resin essential oil blend, they are readily available at online stores. Amazon is one online store that has every ingredient you need. The top essential oils brands also sell their products online too through their websites. With their selection, you can have everything you need.

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