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Root Essential Oil

Best Root Essential Oils for Relaxation


“You can’t hate the roots of the tree without ending up hating the tree.” Those are the words from a speech by Malcolm X. He is an African-American human rights activist who voiced against violence and racism.

Similarly, you can’t love flower, seeds, bark, or leaves essential oils without loving root essential oil.

Roots are the conduit of nourishment of all parts of a plant. They absorb minerals from soil first hand. Then they deliver it to the stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Roots are their life-giving vessel.

Extracting essential oils from roots surprisingly has tons of health benefits. Not only are they good for the body. They promote healthy skin and relax the mind as well.

Root Essential Oil


    Nourishing Uses of Roots

    What makes roots a great source of essential oil? With superb uses for wellness and nutrition, roots display a powerful nature. Find out how they contribute to healthy living. From these uses, you could tell their great potential for harnessing oil.

    Nutritious Food

    Because plant roots grow underground, they absorb the minerals and nutrients from the soil directly. Many cultures harvest roots as crops. These roots are mostly a prebiotic food. This type of food is a non-digestible fiber. They promote gut health and healthy digestion. They are like fuel of good bacteria. Having a good dose of prebiotics in your daily diet defends your body against harmful toxins. They promote the growth of good microorganisms living in the intestines.

    Root vegetables are good sources of these healthy fibers that your gut needs. Sweet potatoes, turnips, and carrots are delicious choices. Other common examples are garlic and onions. Including them in your diet provides natural cleansing.

    Nutritious root crops

    Natural Medicine

    Plants normally adapt to their environment to sustain life. They reach for the sunlight and evade obstacles for growth. You will notice this behavior, especially with vines. Plants also develop antimicrobial compounds for protection from parasites. This helps them repel or eliminate them naturally. Therefore when consumed, these compounds help destroy parasites and microbes inside your body too.

    Some roots such as from dandelion have medicinal value. They are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. As a natural cure, plant roots heal certain ailments without the harmful side effects of strong medications.

    Traditional medicine including plant roots

    Natural Properties of Root Essential Oil

    The best way to reap the therapeutic effects of certain plant roots is by using their essential oil counterparts. It contains the healthy compounds from the roots. Using it is very relaxing.

    Root essential oil comes from various types of roots. It has one of the highest numbers of therapeutic effects valuable for traditional medicine.

    While each type of root essential oil holds unique characteristics, they generally have a blend of spicy, musky, and earthy scent. A strong aroma is typical for root oils. Root essential oil is more usual for soothing body ailments. It nourishes the body and promotes better health.

    The natural properties of this extract work best for traditional healing. You can massage this oil to your entire body to relieve swelling and pain. It has a soothing effect. Try it for a more relaxing experience.

    When mixed with other essential oil, root oils work better. They help compliment the other oils with its healing properties. You can combine it with citrus oils like orange and bergamot to create interesting blends. Do this for more effective use.

    With these wonderful properties, root oils are choice ingredients for perfumes and personal care products too.

    Root Essential Oils to Always Root for

    Root essential oils are perfect for relaxation and meditation. You can use it if you want to clear your thoughts from stress. Here are some examples of roots essential oil for everyday use.


    Angelica root essential oil is perfect for body application. It helps fight a number of infections. Using it for massage stimulates the immune system. It boosts the natural processes of removing toxins inside the body. It also has the ability to ease your mind from anxiety. Add it to your favorite oil blend to give it a kick of anti-stress relief.

    Angelica Plant


    Valerian root essential oil has an earthy scent that is very calming. It can inspire calmness and give a sense of peace. You can use it before bedtime for relaxation. It gives you a relaxing sleep throughout the night. This is perfect for people suffering from sleep disorders and depression.

    Valerian Plant


    Vetiver root essential oil boasts wonderful benefits for skin and overall health. You can use it on your face to manage acne-prone or oily skin. On an emotional level, this oil carries remarkable effects as well. It gives a soothing and calming feel to help you relax. It helps fight anxiety and relieve exhaustion.

    Vetiver Plant

    Effective Ways to Use Root Essential Oil

    Like many other essential oil products, root essential oil has various uses as well. The three major applications are:

    Topical Application – You can apply the oil to your body for massage therapy. It is also suitable for blending with other oils.

    Diffusion – You can inhale the oil directly from the bottle or use a diffuser. Inhaling its scent may give you a positive boost of energy and relaxation.

    Oral Consumption – Some essential oils are suitable for ingestion. Always check for this information before taking it. Consult a doctor when planning to ingest essential oils.

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