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Seeds Essential Oil

Top 3 Seeds Essential Oils to Start Using


Most fruits are juiced out to enjoy their wonderful tastes in refreshments. Have you ever thought that their seeds contain beneficial oils as well? That’s right! Collecting and pressing certain fruit seeds can yield seeds essential oil.

Seeds Essential Oil

Different essential oils have unique properties and benefits. There are oils that are perfect for hair, skin, or aromatherapy. There are tons of essential oil options for your personal needs.

With seeds essential oils, their uses extend from your hair to your toes. They are particularly thick and rich in nutrients. They come from the fatty portion of a plant, including kernels, seeds, and nuts. When pressed, the oil is naturally thick and it does not evaporate easily. Therefore, its therapeutic properties usually last longer than other types of essential oil.


    Extracting Oil from Seeds

    There are various methods for extracting seeds essential oil. Since most seeds for this purpose contain high amounts of oil, more than one method are sometimes applied.

    Mechanical Pressing

    The method of mechanically pressing the seeds uses machines to force out the oil. It may or may not use heat. Extracting without heat is termed as cold pressed. Sometimes, heat is employed but are kept in low range. The absence of heat yields high-quality oils that have greater concentration of essential nutrients.

    Solvent Extraction

    Manufacturers use a solvent like hexane and heptane to extract oil from seeds. This is typically the fastest way to extract seeds essential oils. However, it yields a lower quality product due to chemical impurities.

    Combination Method

    The combination method extracts oil from the seeds via mechanical pressing first. The remaining castor cake is then collected for further extraction using a solvent. It yields extra 8 to 10 percent more oil.

    3 Most Effective Seeds Essential Oils

    Enjoy massive benefits from seeds essential oils. These naturally rich oils are packed with nourishing components good for personal care. Here are three of the best selections you should start using now.


    Castor oil is one of the widely used seeds essential oils particularly for hair growth. It comes from the seeds of castor plant, which grows abundantly in many parts of the world.

    A pure castor oil product is normally thick and rich in nutrients. It carries fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E. These make it a great hair care product that helps strengthen and nourish the hair. It thickens eyebrows and eyelashes too.

    This oil is said to be a holistic personal care product. It has great uses from head to toe. You can apply it on the skin to keep it moisturized and young looking. It helps repair damaged skin cells and reduces wrinkles and dark spots. If you are experiencing arthritis, you can improve your condition with castor oil. Massage the oil to affected areas to relieve swelling and joint pains.

    Castor Seeds


    This essential oil comes from the delicious fruit of pomegranate. Pressing its seeds yields this very useful oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

    Get soft and smooth skin with pomegranate seed oil. It contains natural antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. It keeps the skin youthful by reducing its early signs. That includes wrinkles and fine lines. With vitamin C content, this oil boosts your skin’s collagen production. It enhances the skin tone and elasticity. Your skin becomes noticeably radiant with regular use. This oil is truly a skin’s best friend!

    It makes a great head treatment too. Grow longer hair fast and restore the pH balance of your scalp. Get healthy hair that naturally shines with constant use.

    Pomegranate Seeds


    Argan oil is a sought-after hair care product by many. It comes from the seeds of argan, a plant native to Morocco. If you have damaged hair, there’s no need to worry. Argan oil rejuvenates dry and dull hair. This oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-6 fatty acids. It makes an effective deep hair conditioning treatment that tames frizz and split ends. Your hair stays shiny for a perfect finish.

    Argan oil is an effective hair loss and hair fall solution. It promotes hair growth and strengthens each strand to prevent breakage. Many hair care brands infuse their products with this nourishing oil. It is a special ingredient for many luxurious shampoos and conditioners.

    It is a great product to pamper your skin too. You can use it as a natural skin moisturizer and acne treatment. It improves your complexion as it heals dry skin.

    Argan Nuts

    Major Functions of Seeds Essential Oil

    Using seeds essential oils is like hitting two birds with one stone! Find out how its twofold function works.

    Component of a Special Oil Blend

    You can use seeds essential oils as an ingredient of a special oil blend. The oil may be too thick for hair and skin application when used in pure form. To improve its texture, you can mix them with lighter oils. They have beneficial effects too. Great examples are coconut, jojoba, and grape seed oil. This creates an oil blend that you can enjoy putting on your face, hair or body.

    Serves as a Carrier Oil

    Carrier oils function by delivering the nourishing value of essential oils to the area of application. In a sense, they are “carrying” them for better absorption.

    This is especially important when using highly volatile essential oils such as citrus oils. Popular examples are lemon, orange, and bergamot oils. These oils dissipate quickly into the air. Thus, you need a carrier oil to contain their therapeutic components and “carry” that to your skin or hair.

    Castor oil makes a great carrier oil suitable for any skin or hair type. Making it part of an oil blend or using it as a carrier oil of your favorite essential oil is perfect!

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