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Wood Essential Oil

4 Wonderful Essential Oils from Wood


Chunks of wood are usually the primary means for making coal or fire, especially in forested areas. Did you know that they contain oil beneficial to your health too? It’s true, wood essential oil has therapeutic properties that can help manage many health concerns.

Wood Essential Oil

You can use various types of essential oils for health and beauty reasons. They all have distinct qualities perfect for different uses. Wood essential oils boast potent aroma that enlivens emotions. They are especially great for mood enhancement, making perfume, and skin care.


    Obtaining Essential Oil from Wood

    Wood, bark, and twigs undergo steam distillation to produce wood essential oil. In this process, these parts of the tree are crushed to form a powder or a paste. The powder is then placed into a glass container where the steam combines with it.

    The steam releases the oil that is within the cellular structure of the wood. It comes from a separate chamber of constantly heated water. The steam carries the essential compounds of the wood powder through a glass tube in a form of vapor. It gathers in a condenser where it cools down and turns into a liquid. The liquid may contain water. Since water and oil do not mix, they separate in layers easily. Oil usually goes on top due to lower density. Finally, collecting this oil obtains wood essential oil.

    4 Wonderful Wood Essential Oils

    Using wood essential oil can uplift each day from beginning to end. It promotes feelings of happiness and vitality, which you will need throughout the day. Put a few drops in a diffuser or rub it on your neck shoulders. Do this before bedtime for restful sleep that restores your energy.

    Do you want this kind of experience? Here are the best wood essential oils you should try.


    Sandalwood has been part of traditional religious rites in India and other eastern countries. It is used for celebrations like weddings. It produces a fusion of sweet and earthy fragrance with uplifting properties. Apart from India as the oil’s primary producer, Hawaii and Australia are sources of this oil too. Each produces their own variety of sandalwood essential oil.

    Inhaling the scent of sandalwood essential oil helps lessen tension and sets you in a good mood. It’s great to use in the morning. If you had a long day, add a few drops to your evening hot bath. It’s relaxing aroma will help put all your stresses away.

    This oil promotes healthy hair and skin too. Applying a few drops on the hair helps restore moisture and keeps it smooth and silky. It also cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Some skin care products use sandalwood essential oil as one of their primary ingredients.



    Cedarwood has a unique quality of increasing your strength. You can simply massage one or two drops in your chest before a workout to improve performance. This oil works on your mental faculty by making you feel calm and enhancing your focus.

    It has a number of benefits for personal care. It contains anti-inflammatory and astringent agents that help improve skin condition. You can use it to relieve irritation due to eczema. It cures fungal infections or acne too.

    Cedarwood essential oil can stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the scalp. This boosts hair growth and minimizes hair loss. Applying it on the body creates wonderful effects. It helps tighten loose muscles and reduces arthritis. Inhaling its scent has a soothing effect that clears congestion due to a cough or cold. It also regulates menstruation among women.

    Cedarwood Branch

    Ho Wood

    Ho wood is one the most abundant sources of linalool. Linalool is a colorless liquid with a light sweet smell. It is found in many scented products like soaps, lotions, and shampoos. Some fragrances contain this oil due to the sweet note it gives.

    The light scent of ho wood essential oil is perfect for diffusion. It is calming and is perfect when you want to relax and unwind. It is excellent for promoting a peaceful and relaxing environment.

    Not only does it smell good, it is also very effective in treating a wide range of skin issues.  With its camphor content, ho wood oil gives a cooling sensation when applied. Use the oil to relieve swelling and irritation on the skin. It soothes fungal infections like athlete’s foot and promotes healing of wounds.

    Ho Wood Tree


    Rosewood is an evergreen tree that is indigenous to Peru and Brazil.  Extracting oil from the wood obtains rosewood oil. It has a unique fragrance widely lauded in the perfume industry.

    It has therapeutic properties for improved health. Aromatherapists use it to treat depression. Inhaling its aroma encourages positive feelings and calm thoughts. Put a few drops of this oil to your diffuser and allow yourself to let go of stress.

    For skin care, rosewood essential oil provides anti-aging benefits. It helps in cell regeneration and fading of wrinkles. This oil helps reduce pimples, acne, and blackheads. Your skin improves its appearance with every use. It is nice to mix with your favorite skin care products. Just add a few drops to your lotion or cream and enjoy its skin rejuvenating benefits.


    Effective Use of Wood Essential Oil

    Apart from diffusing wood essential oils for their soothing scents, maximize their benefits by mixing them with other oils. With wood essential oil’s benefits for skin and hair care, it is perfect for oil blends. You can combine this with castor oil, which blends well with any type of essential oil. Castor oil is also infused with nutrients that promote beauty and wellness. Find a great castor oil recipe and try adding wood essential oil to the formula.

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