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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

How to Grow Hair with Castor Oil


Editor’s Note: Content is updated with additional information under the section, “How Castor Oil Works for Growing Hair.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Achieving long luscious locks doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many hair growth enhancers[1] such as serums, topical solutions, and shampoos out there that you can purchase and use by yourself. Today, with the growing popularity of healthy living options, castor oil is the product that is set to take hair growth to a completely new level.

Castor oil for hair growth is the best way to have longer hair fast – the natural way. Regular hair care with castor oil has a number of awesome benefits. It gives hair strength, moisture, and lasting shine. Your hair stays stunningly healthy as it grows!


    Can I Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

    Castor oil is rich in nutrients, fatty acids, and moisture. A regular dose of these key elements keeps your hair nourished and healthy. But, can you use castor oil for hair growth too? The best way to find out is to understand how your hair really grows[2] and why castor oil is good for increasing your hair’s growth rate.

    Beautiful brunette girl with healthy long hair

    The Hair Growth Cycle

    Hair growth follows a cycle[3] that consists of three phases. Each phase has important functions throughout the hair’s lifespan.

    • ANAGEN (Growth Phase) – The anagen phase constitutes 90% the hair growth cycle. During this stage, blood vessels at the hair bulb provide nourishment to the hair follicle to enable growth. This lasts between 3 to 6 years, equivalent to about 1000 days or more.
    • CATAGEN (Transitional Phase) – Over a few weeks, hair growth slows down. The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the sustaining blood supply. This lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, equivalent to 10 days average.
    • TELOGEN (Resting Phase) – The old hair detaches from the hair follicle. This prepares the hair follicle for the development in a new hair shaft. This marks the beginning of a new cycle. The hair follicle may stay in sedentary state for about 1 to 4 months, equivalent to 100 days average.

    Castor Oil Review - Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Why Is Castor Oil Good for Hair Growth?

    Castor oil is one of the widely used natural remedies for dry hair[4], split ends, and even dandruff. Whether used in pure form or as an ingredient of an oil blend, castor oil makes a great hair and scalp treatment.

    What makes castor oil for hair growth really effective? Pure and organic castor oil naturally contains high amounts of ricinoleic acid. This omega-9 fatty acid is uniquely found in castor oil and comprises the majority of the oil’s composition (up to 90% average). When using castor oil for hair growth, this compound increases blood circulation in the hair bulb. This occurs during the growth phase or anagen. It is when each hair strand gets nourishment from blood vessels to enable growth.

    Castor oil also packs anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Using the oil not only gives you thicker hair but it gives you healthy and balanced scalp too. The oil contains moisture, vitamin E, and protein for deep nourishment and shine. If you want to use castor oil for hair growth, it’s not just about getting thicker and longer hair – it’s about making it smooth and beautiful too!

    Want to get smooth and beautiful skin as well? Castor oil has cleansing properties that help extract impurities out of your pores. Learn how to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne by using castor oil for skin.

    How Castor Oil Works for Growing Hair

    Castor oil contains essential nutrients that promote hair growth. Anyone can benefit from this amazing oil because it is suitable for all hair types. It improves hair texture from the roots to the tips, preventing split ends. For hair growth, it works in multiple-action to ensure the hair grows naturally long and strong.

    Long Strong Shiny Hair

    Updated Content:

    1. Strengthens Hair – Keratin is a type of protein that makes up hair. It is the same structural material making up the outer layer of skin and nails. The protein found in castor oil supports hair growth by making hair tough so it won’t fall off easily.
    2. Repairs and Nourishes Damaged Strands – Castor oil absorbs quickly to each hair strand. It leaves a coating that is rich in vitamin E, which helps repair damaged hair follicles. This restores your hair’s natural glossy texture.
    3. Lengthens Hair – Ricinoleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid uniquely found in castor oil. This compound provides nourishment and stimulates blood circulation in the follicles to promote rapid hair growth[5].
    4. Moisturizes Hair – Castor oil has a moisture-rich composition that is effective at keeping hair and scalp hydrated. It contains essential fatty acids that lock in the moisture on hair to make it softer and more manageable. The moisture delivered by castor oil is easily absorbed by hair and does not leave an oily texture after application.
    5. Conditions Hair – Castor oil coats each strand of hair to seal in moisture and improve its ability to retain water content. It protects hair from drying and frizziness. Castor oil glues the scales or layers of cuticles to keep hair smooth and free from split ends.
    6. Prevents Thinning and Falling Hair – Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent scalp conditions from happening. It inhibits hair fall and thinning of strands by nourishing the scalp.

    How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Applying castor oil for hair growth is sure easy-peasy. Whether it is your first time to use it, or you are a certified castor oil buff, it’s always going to be fun and worthwhile. Since castor oil is super rich, it usually comes in very thick nature. Most users enjoy using it when diluted first. Learn how to dilute castor oil effectively and how to apply castor oil for hair growth in 6 simple steps.

    Supplies You Need

    Start your hair growth journey by gathering the things you need. Here’s a list of items that will make your use of castor oil for hair growth easier:

    • An old T-shirt or spare towel (to protect good clothes from oil stains)
    • Rubber gloves (optional)
    • Spray bottle
    • Glass dropper
    • Applicator brush (size large enough for hair application)
    • Comb (use wide tooth comb if you have curly hair)
    • Shower cap
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Clean towel

    How to Dilute and Prepare Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Diluting castor oil not only helps improve the texture of the oil, it provides added benefits from other ingredients as well. Here’s a great recipe you can try and the steps to prepare it for easier application.

    Jars of castor oil for hair application to grow hair


    • 3 tablespoons castor oil
    • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil or argan oil
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


    1. Combine all ingredients in a small jar and seal it with a tight cover.
    2. Shake well until blended evenly.
    3. Warm the oil. Pour hot water into a large bowl and immerse the jar in it for 2 to 4 minutes. Make sure no water enters the jar.
    4. Put the jar out of the water, wipe the drips, and voila – your castor oil for hair growth treatment is READY!

    TIP: You can add other essential oils when diluting castor oil. The best ones are leaves essential oils that typically has soothing effects and cooling sensation. Try Castor Oil Reviews’ best selection of leaves essential oils.

    6 Simple Steps for Growing Hair with Castor Oil

    Now that your oil mixture is all set, follow these steps for an effective hair growth enhancing treatment using castor oil.

    1. Put yourself together. Cover your shoulders with a towel to protect clothes from oil spills or wear older clothes instead. Spritz some water on hair using a spray bottle. The oil works better on damp hair, but not wet.
    2. Apply the oil to the scalp. Use a glass dropper if available; otherwise use your fingers instead. Massage scalp for 5 minutes to stimulate blood circulation. Distribute oil on the scalp evenly.
    3. Apply the oil throughout the hair. Put some oil on your palm and run them on your hair from roots to tips. You can use an applicator brush and comb to make sure oil is distributed evenly.
    4. Leave overnight. Cover your head with a shower cap to keep furniture from getting oil stains.
    5. Rinse hair in the morning. Use warm water and massage a regular conditioner to help remove the oil. Shampoo, as usual, to take out excess oil and then towel dry.
    6. Repeat the process regularly. For best results, do this hair treatment once or twice a week.

    How Often Should I Use Castor Oil to Grow Hair Fast?

    Growing hair naturally takes time. If you want to use castor oil for hair growth, you need to commit to a regular castor oil hair care routine. Apply castor oil more often in the beginning – at least twice a week. Notice how your hair transforms and becomes shinier, stronger, and smoother after a month. These are visible signs that the oil is working on your hair!

    Castor Oil for Longer Hair

    At this point, you need to stick to your castor oil hair care routine to continue providing your hair and scalp the nourishment they need. It may take time for your hair follicles to improve and increase growth. Keep applying castor oil for hair growth. With the six simple steps mentioned above, use castor oil for hair growth at least once or twice a week for the continued growth of healthy hair.

    TIP: Once you reach your desired length of long luscious hair, don’t stop using castor oil. Castor oil prevents dandruff, moisturizes hair, and nourishes each strand. Make it your weekly hair and scalp treatment for hair that stays beautiful and bouncy.

    What Type of Castor Oil is Best for Growing Hair?

    You can apply chemical based hair growth enhancers on your scalp or use the all-natural and vitamin-rich castor oil for hair growth. Picking the right product is important, so you can give yourself a favor than failure. Choose 100% cold pressed castor oil for hair growth because it is pure, nutrient-rich, and safe. It suits any type of hair so you can definitely benefit from it.

    What does it mean for castor oil to be pure, cold pressed, and organic? Find out more about these castor oil qualities and the things you need to check in a product.

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