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Alternative Castor Oil Uses

Other Essential Uses of Castor Oil


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The use of various products with castor oil comes with impeccable versatility. The benefits of using this amazing oil for personal care are impressive. Castor oil is proven effective for hair care, skin care, and body application. While it works great as your natural remedy for many beauty and health concerns, more alternative castor oil uses put this oil to a whole new level of worth.

Here are incredible uses of castor oil in major industries – both in modern and historic times. Although, the historic use of castor oil for punishment seems a little hostile. Most of these applications play a crucial role in making life more convenient and comfortable.


    Food Preservation with Castor Oil


    Medical Uses of Castor Oil


    Induces Labor


    Treats Cyst


    Eliminates Intestinal Parasites


    Ingredient for Modern Drugs


    Using Castor Oil for Coating


    Castor Oil Uses for Lubrication


    Biodiesel Production with Castor Oil


    Historic Use of Castor Oil for Punishment

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