Where to Buy Castor Oil

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Most Efficient Way to Buy Castor Oil

By: | Feb 9, 2017

Choosing a product is as important as knowing where to buy it. If you are looking into including castor oil into your daily regimen, you should know where to buy castor oil with the best quality.

Where to Buy Castor Oil

Castor oil has various properties you would find useful. Applying it on skin helps repair damaged tissues and fade blemishes. Your skin becomes flawlessly beautiful with regular use. While it improves skin appearance, it also nourishes hair. It promotes growth of strong and healthy hair you’ll love. There are other castor oil products suitable for ingestion. They are especially good for people suffering from constipation and other digestive problems.

To experience all these amazing benefits and more, look for trusted sellers with the best castor oil in the market. To show you how, here are important pointers you should know before deciding on a purchase. There are key pointers you should learn before knowing where to buy castor oil.


    Different Types of Castor Oil

    When buying castor oil, it is important to understand the different types of castor oil. Take time to have a clear knowledge of their properties. It helps you decide which suits you best. You will be able to use the product better and more effectively. There are four major types of castor oil, and each has distinct characteristics.

    Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    From the name itself, Jamaican black castor oil originated from the country of Jamaica. The seeds used are roasted, thus the oil is darker with a burnt smell. Roasting the castor seeds results in higher pH level. It increases the oil’s clarifying action for skin and scalp.

    Hydrogenated Castor Oil

    To create hydrogenated castor oil, hydrogen is added to the oil. This hardened vegetable wax does not dissolve in water. It is an ingredient commonly found in cosmetics, varnishes, and polishes. It acts as an emollient and a thickener to creams and lotions.

    Chemical Extracted Castor Oil

    Solvent extraction uses chemicals like heptane and hexane to obtain castor oil. This is the most inexpensive type of castor oil. Although this method is time and cost efficient, the result could be low quality oil with impurities.

    Cold Pressed Castor Oil

    Mechanical pressing of organic castor seeds produces cold pressed castor oil. It involves low to no heat to preserve the oil’s natural properties. There are two types of cold pressed castor oil: refined and unrefined. Unrefined cold pressed castor oil is castor oil’s purest form. It is very thick with a yellowish color.

    Types of Castor Oil

    Qualities of a Good Castor Oil Product

    You can somehow tell if the product you want to purchase would be worth your money by defining its qualities. So, what really makes a good quality castor oil?


    Of course, you always want to buy a product that measures up to the money you spent. You do not want a product full of fillers or other ingredients that do not add value to it. Purity determines whether you get what you paid for or not.

    A pure castor oil product is free from artificial ingredients. It should not contain color enhancers, fragrances or alcohol. These chemicals may cause irritation or dryness of the skin. Watch out for toxic substances like parabens and sodium laureth sulfate. A pure castor oil does not contain such harmful ingredients.

    Cold Pressed

    You may often see the term “cold pressed” associated with castor oil. What does it truly mean to be cold pressed?

    From the term itself, a cold pressed castor oil comes from pressing the seeds. It does not mean the seeds are cold or frozen, rather less or no heat is employed. This method helps retain the oil’s natural properties. Hence, it contains the highest concentration of nutrients compared to other types of castor oil.


    What does it mean to be organic? An organic product uses natural ingredients and processes that do not involve synthetic materials.

    With castor oil, for example, the seeds used must have grown in a natural environment. Farmers should not use growth enhancers or fertilizers in plantations.  How can you tell if the product follows to these practices? Simply look for the USDA certification seal. It’s the best indicator of an authentic organic product.

    Castor seeds

    How to tell if Castor Oil is Authentic

    Now that you have familiarized yourself with the various types and good qualities of castor oil, it’s time to assess the product itself. Here are a few ways to help you determine its authenticity.

    1. Check the label or stickers for information. These product paraphernalia usually indicate the product type and features.
    2. Go online. Visit the brand’s website or browse review pages. Read what people say about it, especially those who have actually used the product. This can give you insights whether the product truly works.
    3. Make sure to buy on authorized sellers only. Castor oil is readily available at pharmacies and health stores. You can get it online too. Choose only those recognized e-commerce sites such as Amazon.
    4. It is best if you have a physical sample of the product. You should check for its texture. A high-quality castor oil is usually thick, yellowish with a distinct nutty odor. Otherwise, tips 1 to 3 can surely help you at this point before making your final decision.

    Looking for information online

    Where You Buy Castor Oil Matters

    Deciding where to buy castor oil is the foundation for getting an authentic product. If buying from pharmacies or health stores, make sure that it is credible for selling good merchandises. For a more convenient option, the best way is to buy castor oil online. It is time and cost efficient. This generally applies when you are deciding on where to buy essential oils.

    Buy castor oil at Amazon. It is one of the most trusted online shops worldwide and credited for selling authentic products. Amazon offers different castor oil from various brands. Shopping at Amazon saves you time and energy. There is no need to drive to the health store near you. Get high-quality products right at your fingertips. Most importantly, shopping at Amazon gives you confidence that a genuine product arrives at your doorsteps.

    These are the key tips on how and where to buy castor oil. Keep them in mind and enjoy shopping!

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