Castor Oil Uses in Cosmetics

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By: | Jul 20, 2017

Do you wonder what the castor oil uses in cosmetics are? First, take a brief review of the awesome qualities of castor oil.

As a common ingredient in cosmetics, there are many ways to experience the benefits of castor oil products. Find out what makes castor oil perfect for making personal care products. Discover the various castor oil uses in cosmetics.

Castor Oil Uses in Cosmetics


    Why is Castor Oil Used in Cosmetics?

    Castor oil form ricinoleate, a salt of ricinoleic acid. Salt is a chemical compound that comes from an acid. It forms through the balancing reaction of an acid and a base.

    Many types of ricinoleate make up some of the common cosmetics and fragrances. This includes body and bath goods. Personal care like deodorants and lotions also contain this ingredient.

    Castor oil makes a good moisturizer and conditioner. Its structure remains unchanged even at extremely high or low temperatures. When exposed to changing climates, the presence of castor oil in cosmetics help maintain its smooth texture. Castor oil and its other forms help create many cosmetic products. Its unique properties improve their quality.

    Castor Oil in Cosmetic Products

    Castor Oil Uses in Cosmetics

    Adding castor oil or its types in cosmetic products serve different purposes as well. Here are the different castor oil uses in cosmetics. Find out how each functions and what benefits it gives for each purpose.

    Anticaking Agent – prevents powdered or granular substances from forming clumps. This is important for makeup goods like foundation and powders. Of course, you want to use a foundation that stays flawless on your face.

    Deodorant Agent – reduces or eliminates unpleasant body odor. It protects build-up of such odors on the skin to prevent bad smell. Season 1, Episode 8 of the Russian television show “The Sniffer” portrayed the use of zinc ricinoleate to mask smells.

    Skin Conditioning Agent (Emollient) – softens and soothes dry or flaky skin. It allows lotions, creams, and body wash maintain a creamy texture. You enjoy using these products. Feel it as you smooth them on your skin or body.

    Skin Conditioning Agent (Occlusive) – moisturizes skin by providing a physical barrier to skin water loss. It makes skin products effective at keeping skin hydrated. Hydrated skin looks plump and glowing. These are signs of healthy skin.

    Castor Oil in Skin Care Products

    Emulsion Stabilizer – an emulsion is a combination of two or more liquids that normally do not mix. Therefore, a visible separation in the mixture occurs. This happens when blending oil and water. Adding this ingredient keeps them from separating into its components. It improves the product’s shelf life and texture.

    Emulsifying Agent – forms emulsions by reducing the surface tension of the substances. This agent helps mix water with oils such as when making creams and lotions. This makes your product look even and feel smooth when applied.

    Opacifying Agent – reduces the transparent appearance of cosmetics. Makeup used to cover skin blemishes often contains this ingredient. Concealers are the best examples. They help hide certain imperfections to give your skin a flawless finish.

    Cleansing Agent – cleanses the hair and skin. It allows water to mix with oil and dirt in order to wash them away easily.  This helps facial cleansers and toners work effectively. It eliminates grime and dust from your body.

    Thickening Agent – increases the thickness of the oil composition of cosmetics. It provides a smooth and silky feel to the product. No one wants to put a watery lotion. You want it creamy, so this is important. Similarly, toothpaste contains this ingredient as well.

    What Cosmetic Products Contain Castor Oil

    Many cosmetic and personal care products commonly used today use castor oil in their formulation. That includes lip care products and makeup. Of course, personal care for hair and skin and even fragrances benefit from it too.

    Castor Oil in Lip Care Products

    Some lip care products that use castor oil are lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, and lip liner. Makeup products using castor oil include concealer, blush, foundation, and makeup remover. For eye makeup, eyeliner, brow liner, eye shadow, and mascara commonly contain this ingredient.

    Hair care products like conditioner, shampoo, styling gel, and hair serum may contain castor oil too. For skin care products, great examples are bar soap, body wash, lotion, and body oil. Face care products like facial moisturizer, facial cleanser and eye cream may have castor oil too. Hand cream and shaving cream are other examples. Skin problem treatments for eczema, acne, and rashes may have castor oil on the ingredients list too.

    These products are some of the most common examples of castor oil uses in cosmetics.

    The Best Way to Use Castor Oil

    Certain cosmetic products may contain man-made chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate and parabens. Unlike these, castor oil is natural and gentle. It won’t strip moisture to clean your skin or hair. It suits all types of hair and skin, so everybody can use it.

    Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

    Not only with these castor oil uses in cosmetics can you enjoy its benefits. The best way to use it is by using the pure and organic form of the oil. You can mix it with other oils to create special blends. This oil blends well with many types of essential oils. Its rich texture is perfect as carrier oil. It absorbs fast and deeply to skin layers. Choose 100% cold pressed castor oil taken from organic castor seeds. It is free from harmful chemicals damaging to skin. This product is guaranteed safe and effective.

    Do you want some helpful tips on personal use for castor oil? Learn about the different uses of castor oil for hair care and skin care. You will find many methods and benefits helpful for your everyday needs.